Decoding The Bletchley Circle – Sinclair McKay, Charlotte Webb & Jake Lushington talk to Ann Fisher

Author Sinclay McKay joined Bletchley Park veteran Charlotte Webb and Jake Lushington, the Executive Producer of The Bletchley Circle on the Ann Fisher  ‘All Sides’ radio show on WOSU.

Listen to the 52 minute replay of the Ann Fisher All Sides episode ‘Bletchley Circle Code Breaking: Real and Imagined’ here. It is a fantastic and enlightening discussion about the true story of Bletchley Park and its influence on the fictional drama of The Bletchley Circle.

“It is poetic to me that at Bletchley Park back in the day before the war the people who owned it often invited the community to the grounds for festivals and that sort of thing. It was shut off to them for a long time and now they are back again…people know about it and its very popular .” 

All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs talk show covering the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio. Listener involvement is an integral part of the show’s ethos with participation welcome via telephone, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Ann has enjoyed a 30 year career in journalism and joined WOSU in 2009. You can read more about Ann here.


Sinclair McKay – Bestselling Author and Journalist

When asked what he thought of The Bletchley Circle by Ann Fisher, Sinclair McKay said “Any television show that does anything to honour what these women did can only be a brilliant thing.”

You can find out more about Sinclair McKay‘s books on Amazon UK, including his latest book The Lost World of Bletchley Park: The Illustrated History of the Wartime Codebreaking Centre. More than any book on Bletchley Park this book is brimming with previously unseen photographs of Bletchley Park. If you want to step back in time and get a good idea of that lost world then this is the book for you.

You can also find out more about the book and Sinclair McKay on Amazon US and Amazon CA.


Charlotte Webb – Bletchley Park Veteran, Author & Speaker

“Going back to civilian life was quite difficult. We still had rationing in this county and it was not easy to get a job if you could not tell your prospective employer what you had been doing because they viewed you rather suspiciously.” 

Betty has done over 100 talks about her time at Bletchley Park and written her story in Secret Postings: Bletchley Park to the Pentagon currently only available in print form in the UK. PDF copies are available worldwide on the premium reading service Scribd by clicking here.

You can also read more about Betty here.


Jake Lushington, Executive Producer of The Bletchley Circle and Head of Drama for World Productions

Jake has a long career in theatre and television. His sensitive approach to recreating the history of Bletchley Park from the look and feel of the show from its settings, fashions and characters is a testament to the popularity and devoted ‘Lady Nerds’ fan base that surrounds The Bletchley Circle.

You can read more about Jake on the World Productions website here.

The Bletchley Circle – Series 1 And 2 [DVD] is available on Amazon UK. Series 1 is available in US and Canada, with Series 2 available on pre-order. Happy watching.


Victory Roll of Honour at 1940s Boutique Day

On 15th March 2014 I attending Bletchley Park’s first 1940s Boutique day ran by Sarah Dunn, a talented vintage hair and make-up artist. The day, hosted by Bletchley Park in the beautiful panelled ballroom started off with Sarah demonstrating the key elements of 1940s make up and hair on Jessica Duncan, MK web journalist. While expertly ‘setting’ […]


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Stepping back in time at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park stepped back in time during February half term by giving visitors a glimpse of life at Bletchley Park during World War 2. Actors dressed in wartime civilian and service clothing chatted to visitors as if they were starting work at Bletchley Park in World War 2. Watch the video to experience the fun. […]


1940s Boutique Days at Bletchley Park

Back in June I did an excited twirl in my new deep red 1940s dress, slipped on some black seamed stockings and a faux fur bolero in aid of a special evening event at Bletchley Park. You can read about the launch of the codebreaker watch here. Leading up to the event I spent a […]


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My Mum worked for MI6 at Bletchley Park

Families of the Code and Cypher School veterans end their visits at Bletchley Park with a better idea of the World War 2 codebreaking operation that shaped the lives of their relatives. Suddenly a picture appears from the tales of the veterans’ hard relentless work in hastily built wooden huts, lasting friendships forged in concrete […]


The Bletchley Circle Review Series 2 Episode 1

A smoke filled room, lines of wooden tables stacked with trays of documents and lit by the yellow light of table lamps. A woman in civilan clothes concentrates on a machine in a wooden box. It is the Enigma and this is the Machine Room, Bletchley Park, 1943. A blonde woman in a WRNS uniform […]


Mavis Batey

Mavis Batey, one of the few women codebreakers of Bletchley Park during World War 2 passed away at the age of 92 on 12 November 2013. Mavis Batey’s contribution to understanding the life of a woman codebreaker at Bletchley Park is unparalleled. Like so many of her Bletchley Park colleagues, she selflessly continued to educate and expand […]


Inspirational Women at Bletchley Park

A roomful of beautiful women will always turn heads. A roomful of beautiful women with first class minds will turn heads and inspire awe – especially when you know the women protect us from the cyber attacks that are increasingly threatening us as individuals, businesses and as a nation. This roomful of women attending a special Today, Then and Tomorrow lunch […]


Women in Security, Today, Then, Tomorrow

I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Women in Security, Today, Then, Tomorrow‘ event at Bletchley Park last Friday to talk about one of the few women codebreakers at Bletchley Park, Margaret Rock. I was the ‘Then‘ part of the ‘Today, Then and Tomorrow‘. It was a brilliant and interesting event and an honour to […]


Bletchley Park Women

Back in June 2013 I attended the Bremont launch of their limited edition ‘Codebreaker’ watch. I previously added a post about the event and have finally uploaded the video of Bremont owner, Nick English interviewing 3 Bletchley Park women veterans. A copy of the video has been posted on YouTube and embedded in a page […]


Canary Islands Service Enigma break

Mavis Batey explains how Margaret Rock’s Canary Islands Service Enigma break in May 1943. Anyone familiar with the Bletchley Park story has heard of Mavis Batey (formerly Mavis Lever) and her extraordinary role as one of the few women codebreakers at Bletchley Park during World War 2. She has written about her boss and mentor, […]


Bletchley Park Visits and Exhibits

During my visit to Bletchley Park’s annual veterans’ weekend I noticed the tell-tale signs of transformation throughout the site. In some areas there were small changes and in other places enormous areas of development. One of these changes is the newly renovated Hut 11 (the Bombe Hut), which has been transformed from an empty shell […]


Bremont Codebreaker Watch Launch

Bremont Codebreaker Watch Launch and Kerry Howard interviewed  on The Bletchley Park Podcast. At the end of June I attended the launch of Bremont watches fabulous looking Codebreaker watch. You can find out about Bremont and how the Codebreaker watch has bits of wood from Hut 6 inside as well as pieces of punch cards […]


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Dear Codebreaker is available to buy

Great News – The print book of Dear Codebreaker is available to buy on and For those in the UK you can buy a signed copy. Find out more here, with links to all your purchasing needs. The book has actually been available since the beginning of August, but I’ve still lots of […]


Dear Code Breaker Book Cover

With less than a week to go before Dear Code Breaker goes live I thought it was time to show you the book cover. It differs from my usual style (I go for red and the vintage feel of aging paper and brown, grainy document files). The Dear Code Breaker book has a more modern […]


Dear Code Breaker – Finding Margaret Rock Video

I’ve prepared a short video introduction to Dear Code Breaker to tempt you while you wait for the launch of the book. It’s been a very tricky few weeks. The highs of celebrating my 40th Birthday and the lows of a project that isn’t going to plan. Dear Code Breaker will be available on 1 August 2013. […]