1940s Boutique Days at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park EventsBack in June I did an excited twirl in my new deep red 1940s dress, slipped on some black seamed stockings and a faux fur bolero in aid of a special evening event at Bletchley Park. You can read about the launch of the codebreaker watch here.

Leading up to the event I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about recreating victory curls and how to recreate the wartime makeup look.  It was all a bit overwhelming so I just applied suitably red lipstick and wore a vintage hat.

Kerry Howard Bletchley Park Research

Kerry Howard

How I wish that the new 1940s Boutique Days at Bletchley Park had already been running!

With expert tips from Hair stylist and make-up artist, Sarah Dunn during a full day training event, I could have done more than cover my usual straightened bob under the wide beautiful brim of a vintage hat.

The glamorous and exciting 1940s Boutique Days at Bletchley Park will run throughout 2014 and will include lessons in hair and makeup of the era. Sarah Dunn will teach students on each one day course how to create the famous victory roll hairstyle as well as other ‘dos’ of the decade.

Also within the ticket price of £65 is a practical make-up session, with demonstrations on Sarah’s models.

Let’s hope there is a backdrop of top tapping music and the ‘gals’ bring along a dress from the era.

The Three Belles execute hair & make up of the era beautifully. What glamour!

The Three Belles execute hair & make up of the era beautifully. What glamour!

Lunch is included as well as a tour of Historic Bletchley Park. There will be lots of advice and the chance to chat with like-minded enthusiasts about this most fascinating decade.

©Sarah Dunn

“As a vintage hair stylist I am inspired by the style and spirit of the 1940s, so it’s a real honour to be bringing the decade back to life at the Home of the Codebreakers. I imagine the women at Bletchley Park during World War Two were probably more preoccupied with the vital work they were doing than with their hair and make-up but I bet it was a different story on their days off, when they travelled into London and took up the offer of cheap entry to clubs and shows.

The hairstyles of the 1940s are wonderful as there is so much choice, they can be very dramatic as well as feminine and often quite practical. I love how glamorous people feel when they have had a makeover from this era, victory rolls and red lipstick can make anyone feel stylish and it’s amazing to think all this all came out of an age of such hardship and austerity.” Sarah Dunn

Friends of Bletchley Park can book now on 01908 272684. Tickets will go on general sale 1 February.

Office Glamour

Glamour at the office is a must

I’ll be attending the first 1940s Boutique Day at Bletchley Park on 15th March 2014. I will be video recording my progress (or clumsy hopelessness) and interviewing other participants for the Bletchley Park Podcast.

Click here to buy your ticket to 1940s fabulousness.

For more photographs recreating the mood of the era, check out my facebook photographs of the 1940s house exhibit in Block B at Bletchley Park by clicking here.

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