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Welcome to Bletchley Park Research a growing resource for researchers, writers and readers to learn, contribute and share information about the war-time codebreaking activities at Bletchley Park, as well as related military intelligence subjects of World War 2.

My name is Kerry Howard and I am a researcher, writer and independent publisher with a consuming interest and specialism in the history of Bletchley Park during World War 2.

I have been collecting facts and documents for over 10 years to fuel my need to learn more about this fascinating subject. It’s time for this research to be released into the public domain in my forthcoming book, Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party – First Codebreakers at Bletchley Park and here at Bletchley Park Research.

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I first discovered Bletchley Park through the historical fiction book ‘Enigma’ by Robert Harris. You can read my blog post about How I discovered Bletchley Park here.

In 2007 my friend and research buddy, John Gallehawk steered us into producing, Figuring It Out at Bletchley Park 1939-1945, which is a valuable resource taken from official statistical records recorded about Bletchley Park between March 1942 and August 1945. It is a book of numerical data that charts the patterns of growth as the codebreaking operation intensified, then changed through reorganisation and, ultimately, declined in numbers at the end of hostilities.

The book is currently being revised and is due out early 2014. In the meantime a pdf version of the book can be purchased on Scribd.com (a PDF reader service).

My lastest book Dear Codebreaker – The letters of Margaret Rock (Bletchley Park Codebreaker) and John Rock (Parachute & Glider Forces Pioneer) was published on 4 August 2013. This touching book offers a glimpse into the fascinating lives of two people involved in significant areas of World War 2. You can find out more at www.dearcodebreaker.com and watch a video introducing my discovery of Margaret’s personal papers in my post Finding Margaret Rock video. You can also watch it below:

Bletchley Park Research was started in September 2011 after I helped Charlotte Webb, a World War 2 veteran, write her memoir, Secret Postings – Bletchley Park to the Pentagon, which tells the story of wartime adventure at Bletchley Park, the Pentagon and beyond. The book is published by my publishing company, BookTower Publishing.

The success of her book and the growth of the Bletchley Park Museum as the ‘Home of the Codebreakers’ is testament to the increasing fascination we hold for secrets and codes. It has also inspired me to share my research and help others do the same.

In April 2012 I published Hitler’s Codebreakers by John Jackson, a fascinating insight into Hitler’s successes in breaking Allied codes.This will be followed up later this year with his latest books Solving Enigma’s Secrets- The Official History of Hut 6 and Breaking Britain’s Naval Codes. My own book is also progressing well.


Charlotte Webb, John Jackson and John Gallehawk have now joined Bletchley Park Research as contributors. Their research, articles and publications will increasing appear on the site over the coming weeks. The opportunity for other contributors will also soon be available.

Bletchley Park Research is in its infancy but I envisage it to be an online filing cabinet and extended bibliography, bursting to the seams with fascinating facts and valuable data that can assist other researchers or bring pleasure to the interested reader. My experience and growing expertise has helped me realise that there are other researchers and writers out there looking for a new way to display and share their knowledge.

It is the aim of Bletchley Park Research is to help other researchers create an accessible platform to showcase their expertise, create links to their publications and reach more readers. Together we can build as fascinating a diverse range of research to educate and entertain while contributing to the preservation of our historical past.

Part of Bletchley Park Research’s revenue that has been generated through the sale of books, articles and other material will be donated to Bletchley Park. The remainder will be invested into carrying out more research, producing more articles and publishing more books.

If you would like to know more about Bletchley Park Research and learn more about the contributors to this site, subscribe to our newsletter and Download a free WW2 codebreaker’s letter written by Margaret Rock from Bletchley Park in September 1940.

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  1. My uncle,U.S. West Point Military Academy Class of 1942, served in the UK as an officer in the 392nd Signal Company. Although the records of the 392nd have been declassified by the National Security Agency, I cannot learn what he did in “codes and ciphers” for the long time he was in the UK leading up to D-Day. I know he hand-delivered secret or sensitive information to Gen. Omar Bradley on D-Day+6. Do you have suggestions how to learn exactly what he did in this regard?

    I love my uncle, but I must say BRAVO to the ladies! THANK YOU for sharing your passion!