Authors & Researchers

Authors & Researchers

Bletchley Park Research aims to be a valuable online resource about the history of Bletchley Park, codebreakers and related World War 2 subjects.

In this modern age we seek information through many types of media -books, articles, document translations, art, film, podcasts, guided walks and talks. So it is not just authors & researchers that are preserving our past but it is the many organisations, volunteers, students, film-makers and artists that also help enrich our enjoyment and knowledge of history.

Here are Bletchley Park Research we celebrate these people by  showcasing their lives and work, whereby each of our contributing authors & researchers have a profile page, containing an information index card, biography as well as links to their publications and social media outlets.

This project is in its infancy but as the community grows we will list more about the past and those contributing to the future legacy of Bletchley Park.

Come back often to meet our new Authors & Researcher – there will always be new things to read, hear and watch.






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