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Kate Griffiths is a World War 2 Researcher and Living Historian

Kate Griffiths became fascinated by RAF West Kingsdown after reading about the Y service site based in her village and has inspired Kate to write her own book about the site, location and those who worked there. Her research has taken Kate to Kew, BP, Hendon, Imperial War Museum, Beachy Head, Hawkinge, Capel Le Ferne and Gateshead to track down documents, veterans and other sources of information for her book.

RAF West Kingsdown was the headquarters of the RAF Y Service. RAF West Kingsdown was responsible for a network of  around a dozen Y Stations ranging from Montrose in the Scotland to Strete in the South West. The SigInt that the Y network gathered was sent to RAF Sector Stations if the incepted traffic was voice traffic and to Station X at Bletchley Park in Bedfordshire for analysis. Morse traffic was also sent to Bletchley Park for decryption.” Kate Griffiths at www.kategriffiths.co.uk


In her role as a Living Historian Kate portrays a Flight Officer of the WAAF from RAF West Kingsdown which was headquarters of the RAF Y Service during World War Two and a Codebreaker from Bletchley Park. As part of a community of other living historians, Kate travels the country to add authenticity to World War 2 events, giving visitors a feel for what life was really like during the war.


Kate Griffiths is in the process of writing a book about RAF West Kingsdown. She has produced an article about RAF West Kingsdown Wireless Intercept Station (1), which provides an interesting introduction to the site and her research. It can be found on our Research Notes pages.

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