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The idea for Bletchley Park Research has been in my head for a long time but it has only gathered momentum during 2012. My journey with Bletchley Park Research has changed dramatically within a short space of time and there is more to come. The project is growing and developing with speed and I’m learning new things every day.

I want to share this journey, my code book of sorts where I transform the information I learn into a form that benefits what I am trying to achieve at Bletchley Park Research. Code Book is my a place I can share the successes and failures I face along the way.

I enjoy following the journey of others  by subscribing to the newsletters of authors, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs who blog about themselves, their experiences and business ideas. The amount of valuable, fascinating information pouring out of the minds of these people is staggering and I like that the result of this creative flow regularly drops into my inbox.

As someone interested in the untold stories of those working at Bletchley Park during World War 2, it makes sense that I enjoy discovering more about the personal journey and transformations that these bloggers take. I’d like to follow in their footsteps and share my journey with you.

Code Book is a personal space dedicated to charting the journey I make as I develop Bletchley Park Research. It is also an opportunity to share the progress of my personal research into the codebreaking activities at Bletchley Park and the people who worked there during World War 2.

To start learn more about me at my About page here,

A great introduction into How I discovered Bletchley Park is here

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