Ron Nowicki

Ron Nowicki is an American writer living in London. He has written widely on Polish history and culture. He is the author of Warsaw: The Cabaret Years and the founder of the San Francisco Review of Books (1975-1988).

His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Literary Review (London), the San Jose Mercury News, The Polish Review (New York) and in the North American Review (Northwestern University), as well as in other periodicals in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ron Nowicki’s forthcoming book The Elusive Madame G – A Life of Christine Granville is due to be released soon and he is currently working on a personal memoir, A Boy Has Never Wept  – a tale of love, death and tuberculosis in an American TB sanitarium.; and How To Fake An Illness, based on official World War 2 documents!


Warsaw: The Cabaret Years by Ron Nowicki





The Elusive Madame G: A life of Christine Granville by Ron Nowicki

Read an extract of Chapter 1 of the book here.

Buy The Elusive Madame G: a life of Christine Granville on Amazon UK, and on Amazon US.

The book is available in all countries so cut and paste this –  ‘The Elusive Madame G: A Life of Christine Granville‘ and paste it into Amazon’s search box for your region.





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