Bletchley Park Research writing progress

It’s half term. I’m off work for some family time but it also gives me some much needed time to work on the much needed content for the Bletchley Park Research blog and also to work on the book ‘Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party’. To achieve this I’m dividing the day into early morning writing time before the the household is up and demanding my attention.

While working on Hitler’s Codebreakers by John Jackson, which I’ve published under my independent publishing company BookTower Publishing, I’ve fallen into the habit of working in those quiet early hours when it is just me and the cats padding around the house. The light mornings make it easy. I’m not sure this plan will succeed during the winter months.

I’ve found a great writing tool – Scrivener.

Its primary aim is to help fiction writers structure their work. There is non-fiction elements but I find that I can still work with my non-fiction material in the main novel structure. That’s probably more to do with my novice status rather than the capabilities of the software. I work visually so the presentation of chapters on a cork board is brilliant for me. I like the way I can drag and drop the chapters around the cork board to find the ideal chapter order. I’ve been able to import my existing text for Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party and I can also include all my research within the application so everything is to hand. I’m using the free trial at the moment but will be sure to buy this usual writing tool.

So, I’ve set myself some serious goals for the next 2 weeks and I will share the Bletchley Park Research writing progress here. You will also have more factual content to read as I share my research finding about this fascinating subject.

How do you fit your hobbies into your day?

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