Bletchley Park Women

Back in June 2013 I attended the Bremont launch of their limited edition ‘Codebreaker’ watch.

I previously added a post about the event and have finally uploaded the video of Bremont owner, Nick English interviewing 3 Bletchley Park women veterans.

A copy of the video has been posted on YouTube and embedded in a page on this website (Resources/Bletchley Park Women) for you to watch.

Bremont Codebreaker watch

Bremont Codebreaker watch

It’s a bit shaky at the beginning so if you find that a bit annoying to watch, close you eyes and listen to the witty words of these fabulous women. They are:

  • Jean Valentine
  • Charlotte Webb
  • Ruth Bourne

I ran out of battery so was unable to record the interview with the other guest of honour, Captain Jerry Roberts. I post this one from TNMOC on the subject Jerry spoke of at the launch.


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  1. Hi Kerry, I am thrilled with the work you are doing, Kerry is their a way to e-mail Mavis B, I read her book & wanted to comment on it? Margaret Rocks seems fascinating. Best regards

    • Thanks George, I am pleased you are enjoying the content. If you email me your comment to Mavis I will pass it on. She can then contact you directly. The email address is shown on the right hand of the page under the books (done this way to avoid spam bots picking it up).

      Warm Wishes