Celebrity MasterChef – Charlotte Webb can still keep a secret!

Charlotte Webb can still keep a secret

It’s over 70 years since Charlotte Webb signed the Official Secrets Act and kept the biggest secret of her life – Bletchley Park.

It seems that Charlotte Webb can still keep a secret!

Today I visited Charlotte (Betty) and during a very amiable chat, she asked

“Did you watch MasterChef?” (meaning the Bletchley Park special where Bletchley Park veterans were the guests.

“No, I missed it. I must catch it on …” the penny dropped, “were you on MasterChef?” I asked.

“Yes, dear.”

I remember visiting Betty a few months ago after she had just returned from a very ‘hush hush’ visit to Bletchley. Despite itching to quiz her, I respected her wish not to talk about it further. I have to admit it completely slipped my mind until today.


If like me you missed the Celebrity MasterChef episode where the three finalists each make a course for a group of distinguished Bletchley royalty, including Charlotte Webb, Jean Valentine, Gwendoline Page, Sir Arthur Bonsall and Lord Asa Briggs, you can watch it for a limited time on BBC iPlayer here.

Betty enjoyed her meal very much recalling that the Champagne Jelly went down a treat with several guests.

It was an extraordinary day. The BBC looked after me very well and as usual the day out at Bletchley Park was splendid. It was fantastic to speak to other veterans and I would like to thank Bletchley Park for arranging it.”

Charlotte Webb

The men and women at Bletchley Park wear like a badge of honour the knowledge that they kept the Bletchley Park secret. Charlotte Webb can still keep a secret!

It seems that some skills are never lost…

BBC iPlayer – Celebrity Masterchef goes to Bletchley

You can purchase Charlotte Webb’s book, Secret Postings: Bletchley Park to the Pentagon from the Bletchley Park Museum bookshop or at Amazon by clicking the book image below.


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