Dear Code Breaker Delayed

Dear Code Breaker publication is delayed

Dear Code Breaker Margaret RockIt is never good to put off anything. Especially when you’ve announced a specific date of delivery to the world.

Unfortunately, I am not yet happy to release Dear Code Breaker just yet. Now that it’s finished I have realised that I need to make minor, but important changes to add to the reader’s enjoyment.

Also, I’ve decided to upgrade the photographs and original letters on the website so that they are zoomable. This involves converting hundreds of images into a specific format required by the software. It really is a worthwhile exercise, especially when trying to read some of the original letters!

Pulling a launch is never an easy decision to make. It’s made more difficult by the fact that the release of Dear Code Breaker was a present to myself on my 40th Birthday. Instead, I’ve given myself the present of disappointment, and much more work to do……

To ease your wait, I will be posting a video introduction to the book next Tuesday (16th July 2013). It will introduce Margaret and John Rock, the research, and of course, the photographs and letters.

Dear Code Breaker

I hope you are not too disappointed by the extra wait. The 1st of August is not that far away.

I will keep you posted.

Best Wishes

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