Dear Code Breaker – letters to Margaret Rock

Dear Code Breaker Margaret RockThis week has been a great week. I’ve chosen the title for my book on Margaret’s letters, and the first published article introducing Margaret Rock has appeared online.

First of all I want to thank my Bletchley Park Research Newsletter readers for helping me with the book title brainstorming. I have finally decided onDear Code Breaker‘ – the letters of Margaret Rock (Bletchley Park Code breaker) and John Rock (Parachute & Glider Pioneer).

The subtitle is a mouthful! Rest assured I am not alone. If you check out the titles of new non-fiction books there is a growing trend towards long subtitles. Why? To help the book on the road to greater visibility in Google and Amazon searches. Although that is an important consideration, it was clear from the feedback from my readers that the keywords Bletchley Park and Code Breaker would turn their heads in a bookshop.

Secondly, thanks to Girls Day School Trust and Portsmouth High School for publishing a brief summary of Margaret’s life. You can read the article here. The snapshot of Margaret in the article is from this photograph of her with classmates.

Margaret Rock Bletchley Park Codebreaker

Margaret Rock is on the far left, bottom row

I was so pleased that Lucinda Webb of Portsmouth High School asked me to write a brief introduction of Margaret’s life and I can’t wait to visit the school – Margaret’s school – at the end of the month to talk to the girls who now  walk the halls Margaret walked. She lives on at the school, in pride of place on the Examination and Scholars boards.

Margaret Rock Bletchley Park Codebreaker

Margaret Rock Portsmouth High Scholars Board. Kind Permission of Portsmouth High School

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