Dear Codebreaker
The Letters of Margaret Rock (Bletchley Park Codebreaker) and John Rock (Parachute & Glider Forces Pioneer)

Read the amazing story of a brother and sister as they experience happiness, loss and great adventure during the fall of France, the Blitz, the start of Britain's first Parachute and Glider Regiments as well as the exhausting challenges of secret work at Bletchley Park during World War 2.

“Well, as to my adventures on Friday night. I got to Euston by 8.15 – the raids had just started and there were guns beginning, which soon got much louder. There was no train before my 9.50, so I asked a porter where I should wait. He directed me to an archway, a very long one going between the tube station and one of the platforms. The passengers and railway staff (in tin hats) spent all their time there, and it felt very safe, and never shook, however near the bombs…. A friendly porter came and told us to come with him if we’d like to see a fire, and from the entrance of the archway there was the whole sky lit up flaming red. It was quite near either St Pancreas or Kings Cross Station.” (Margaret Rock letter from Bletchley, September 1940)

Through their letters you will discover:

  • How quiet but adventurous Margaret Rock found herself breaking German Enigma ciphers at Bletchley Park.
  • How her brother John Rock was recruited by Churchill to set up the first parachute training school & regiment.
  • How it felt to be in France when Germany invaded & experience the drama of a London bombing raid during the Blitz.
  • Why this close family unit never recovered from the tragedy of war.
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Kerry Howard

About the Author

Kerry Howard is a researcher, writer and publisher with a passion for the untold stories of Bletchley Park.

Unable to resist finding out the hidden facts behind a story, Kerry hunts down the stories that would otherwise fall through the cracks of time.

Her goal is to share her passion & research in a way that adds to the fascination that surrounds World War 2 codebreaking.

Her first book with John Gallehawk, Figuring It Out at Bletchley Park offers a unique perspective of Bletchley Park's growth - through it's numbers.

The discovery of new material for her second book, Dear Codebreaker, is a testament to her research zeal.