Figuring It Out at Bletchley Park 1939-45
The growth of Bletchley Park through official weekly returns - the numbers really do the talking.

Picture the bustling grounds of the Government Code & Cypher School's codebreaking operation at Bletchley Park. It's the beginning of May 1945 - the week Germany surrenders and Bletchley Park is at its peak:

- 10, 471 personnel including 226 from the US
- 8,902 billets in the surrounding area
- 33,003 miles covered by 130 drivers transporting staff to & from BP
- 22,054 meals consumed

Based on official wartime records held at the National Archives, Figuring It Out At Bletchley Park 1939-1945 chronicles the extraordinary growth of the Government Code & Cipher School at Bletchley Park into a crucial code breaking operation.
This essential reference book places the most valuable weekly figures for Second World War service & civilian personnel, their departments, accommodation, transport, catering requirements and work achievement figures at the fingertips of any military historian, veteran or local history enthusiast.

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The data in this book will show you:

  • How Bletchley Park & outstations grew from 186 personnel to 10,471
  • How many service and civilian men and women women were recruited during the war.
  • Details of the number of meals, beds and miles it took to feed, house and transport the staff to Bletchley Park.
  • Figures showing some of the codebreakers' success with breaking & reading German messages
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Kerry Howard

About the Author

Kerry Howard is a researcher, writer and publisher with a passion for the untold stories of Bletchley Park.

Unable to resist finding out the hidden facts behind a story, Kerry hunts down the stories that would otherwise fall through the cracks of time.

Her goal is to share her passion & research in a way that adds to the fascination that surrounds World War 2 codebreaking.

Her first book with John Gallehawk, Figuring It Out at Bletchley Park offers a unique perspective of Bletchley Park's growth - through it's numbers.

The discovery of new material for her second book, Dear Codebreaker, is a testament to her research zeal.