Inspirational Women at Bletchley Park

A roomful of beautiful women will always turn heads. A roomful of beautiful women with first class minds will turn heads and inspire awe – especially when you know the women protect us from the cyber attacks that are increasingly threatening us as individuals, businesses and as a nation.

This roomful of women attending a special Today, Then and Tomorrow lunch at Bletchley Park on 11 October 2013 turned my gaze from its usual place in the past to the future helping me make the connection between Bletchley Park’s past and today’s cyber security industry.

It was also an opportunity for the present day cyber security professionals to turn to the past and learn more about inspirational women who worked at Bletchley Park during World War 2. There was my speech about Margaret Rock, one of the few women codebreakers at Bletchley Park and the chance to meet former Bletchley Park women – Charlotte Webb, Nanza Downey and Ruth Bourne.

The organisers have produced a fabulous video, which highlights the event beautifully.

The event was held in the beautiful, panelled drawing room of Bletchley Park. It was a fitting place as Margaret would have walked past the large bay windows on her way to Dilly Knox’s Research section in the stable yard. Had she been able to peer through the window she would have been embarrassed by all the attention, preferring to hide behind the veil of secrecy that bound the nearly 9,000 people who worked at the park during the war.

I think she would also have been proud to see some of the inspirational women who had followed in her footsteps and proud to know that the work the Women’s Security Society, the Cyber Security Challenge and Raytheon’s Women’s Network will continue to encourage and support women who choose a career in Cyber Security and Intelligence.

I have created a board on Pinterest showing some of the photographs from the day. You can view them here.

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