Margaret Rock – Bletchley Park Codebreaker

I would like to introduce you to Margaret Rock, Bletchley Park Codebreaker.


Margaret RockMargaret Rock was one of Dilly’s girls as well as colleague and lifelong friend of Mavis Batey.

Margaret Rock has been a bit of an obsession for the last few months. After watching The Bletchley Circle I thought it would be nice to write an article about women codebreakers at Bletchley Park during World War 2. The idea for this article has propelled me into researcher’s heaven.

Literally, I am blown away by what I have found and what I am going to share with you in January 2013.

Margaret was a mathematician who appears to have been introduced to codebreaking by her Paratrooper brother, John Frank Rock. She was unassuming, avoided confrontation but had a quiet confidence and strong sense of independence. She and her brother were very close until his death in a gliding accident in 1942.

Google John and you will see he is a revered World War 2 hero. He was put in charge of the first British Paratrooper regiment and subsequently, Glider unit. He was an enthusiastic photographer, which means I have some amazing photographs to share. More about John Rock in a later post.

The letters these two fascinating people wrote to one another during World War 2 are a truly amazing find and I can’t wait to share them with you.

There is also a letter to Margaret Rock from Dilly Knox himself, just before he finds the solution for the German Abwehr Enigma cipher.

Dilly Knox, Margaret Rock

I’ve been frantically transcribing the letters which I will release as an e-book mid January 2013.

Shortly after I will launch an exclusive premium multi-media site that will share the research I have, which includes photographs (which are amazing), video and audio interviews, transcriptions and copies of original documents belonging to Margaret and those found in the National Archives. It will also chart the  research journey I take to learn more about Margaret and her family.

20% of the profit from the book of letters and extended material will go to the Bletchley Park Trust.

Margaret RockThe extended material will also go with my biography of this enigmatic woman.

I had wanted to keep this research under my hat until I was ready to launch, but then again, I’ve never been good at keeping secrets…

I hope you will join me and learn more about Margaret Rock and her brother John Rock. I can also introduce to the people who made this all possible.

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