Bletchley Park Research is an independent research and information resource curated by Kerry Howard.  My research is designed to support Bletchley Park and share the common goal of helping grow awareness of its fantastic history.  I have the pleasure of having made valuable connections within Bletchley Park Trust but it is important that I point out that this site is not officially connected to the Bletchley Park Trust. For any official business you would like to discuss with the Trust should be via its website at

Products and Services Resources

Here’s a list of some useful products and services I use for Bletchley Park Research. If like me you prefer to go by personal recommendations then I hope you find them helpful. I may get commission from some of the resources if you buy using the links which goes into help running this site. Please note that I will never recommend something I do not use myself. None of this affects the price you pay.


cropped-logo.pngThe Bletchley Park Research logo was designed by the very talented Mark Stephenson from Launch Creative. He is the first person I contact when I have design work that requires more than my basic photoshop skills. Incrediably resourceful at converting my rambling ideas into a cohevise design, there is no hesitation in recommending him and his creative business here. Check out the very reasonably priced design awesomeness at



Bletchley Park Research is hosted by I have found the customer service to be excellent. As Blue Host is based in the US and I am in the UK I find the LiveChat facility worth its weight in gold. Also the unlimiting hosting is top notch. I recommend them to anyone who asks my opinion. So much so I signed up as an affiliate, meaning I formally recommend the company and if you sign up through the link below they pay Bletchley Park Research a referral fee. I never recommend a service I don’t use myself or totally want. Sign up for Blue Host webhosting by clicking the link below.


Website Security:

Another company who I totally recommend for bloggers is They provide a free plugin to monitor your website for malicious script and malware but I only found them when I needed extra help back when I started this website. After this site got hacked I wasn’t going to take any chances or put my readers at risk. I am now fully protected by their awesome paid services.

In this digital age, we need to keep our online lives safe. I recommend you check them out on the link below (affiliate). You can never be too safe. Click on the link or picture below to find out more about Sucuri Security:

Sucuri Security

Website Themes:

The reason I got hacked early on was due to a free theme with insecure script. From that point on knowing exactly where my themes came from was important for me and my readers. I signed up for Copyblogger’s Studio Press and started using themes running on the Genesis framework. Installation and customisation is made easy with their comprehensive one click install and easy to follow customisation guides. I am now a forever customer. Click the link below to find out more about their awesomeness.

StudioPress Theme of the Month StudioPress Theme of the Month – Streamline Pro Theme

Bletchley Park Research is built using the versitile (in)SPYR Theme.

Writing Software

The sheer gush of words I need to explain how much I love the writing software, Scrivener would fill pages. As a researcher the ‘index card’ based layout gives me great freedom to order my notes. As a writer is offers ease of use and flexibility to shift things around. I only use a fraction of the software’s capabilities and I love it. A big, big (enormous in fact) benefit is that you can compile your document as an ebook (mobi for Kindle and ePub for everyone else). If you start using it, I am sure you will love it to – it’s the perfect tool for writing and publishing freedom. Try the trial version before you buy. It gives you 30 uses (not days) before you need to purchase.

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

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