Bletchley Park Women

Bremont Codebreaker watch

Bremont Codebreaker watch

Back in June 2013 I attended the Bremont launch of their limited edition ‘Codebreaker’ watch.

You can read my post about the event and see the pictures here.

I have finally had time to upload the video of Bremont owner, Nick English interviewing 3 Bletchley Park women veterans about keeping secrets.

The veterans, in the order of their interviews are:

  • Jean Valentine, WRN and Bombe Operator
  • Charlotte Webb, ATS who paraphrased deciphered Japanese messages at Bletchley Park and the Pentagon
  • Ruth Bourne, WRN and Bombe Operator

I apologise for my wobbling arm causing a few sections of blurriness.

Unfortunately, I ran out of battery power and was unable to record the interview with codebreaker, Captain Jerry Roberts who spoke about the recognition Bill Tutte and Tommy Flowers are due for their work on the groundbreaking Colossus, the world’s first programmable computer. You can read more about Captain Roberts and his recent MBE here.

You can find out more about the fabulous Bremont watches at

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