The Bletchley Circle Series 2 – Farewell Codebreaker

The Bletchley Circle In anticipation of the third episode of The Bletchley Circle Series 2 I have revisited what happened in the concluding part of this two-part storyline called ‘Blood On Their Hands’. It’s good to revisit because everything in the show is about to change.

Episode 2 starts at a pace to prevent convicted Alice from the hangman’s noose. There are some emotive scenes of the ‘hanging team’ measuring Alice’s neck and carrying out a practice run.

With some impressive paper shuffling and nerves of steel investigation the team realise that John Richards was killed by the Military and Lizzie is also being set up and framed for his murder.

778A6323 Lizzie

It becomes clear that the secret military documents found at Lizzie’s flat were planted to make sure the matter would fall under military juristiction rathen than being dealt with by the police. The team’s innovative research leads them to connect a chemical spillage to Porton Down, and prove that Richards was transferred there from Bletchley.

Most Secret

Susan is becoming more and more anxious. The secrets she keeps from her husband Timothy(Mark Dexter) and the harrowing experience with Crowley the year before are taking their toll. She doesn’t want to be involved but Jean pleads with her to help.

It turns out the military hospital where the men who were injured in the chemical spillage is the same hospital Timothy stayed in for his war injuries. What happened to these men a good enough reason for the murder?

But why?

Millie, Jean, Susan, Lucy

Millie, Jean, Susan, Lucy

Reluctantly Susan gains access and after a bit of sneaking about Susan is caught by the military police but not before she comes across a badly injured soldier who tells her the truth behind the chemical experiments at Porton Down and how he and others were used as lab rats.

Timothy is brought in. He looks at his wife questioningly. She’s not the woman he’s married. The secrets are coming between them. Exhausted, Susan is left with no option but to tell Timothy of her work at Bletchley Park. In doing so she breaks The Official Secrets Act but saves her marriage. Susan and Timothy’s relief is tangible.

For Susan the danger is over but for the other three as they track down Professor Masters (Paul Ritter), a name that has popped up as the connection between Richards and Porton Down – they think he can help.

Things don’t go quite to plan. One of our Bletchley Circle ladies is shot!

Is it too late for them, and can they save Alice after all?

I’ve given a lot of spoilers. If you’ve seen the episode you know the end but for those who have yet to see it, I’ll leave the end as a surprise. I will just say that it’s the end of the show for one of the four Bletchley Circle women. It’s sad but there are always new beginnings and can only help the show grow and evolve.

Confession:  I have a problem with one element of the storyline. It’s that there isn’t enough detail to explain the pre-war back story and connection between Alice, Richards and Lizzie. It felt a bit secondary, yet was crucial to the whole plot. I would have like this to have been covered in greater detail.

So what has episode 3 got in store. A new member of The Bletchley Circle? Perhaps.

A new mystery to solve? Definitely

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  1. Looking forward to series two. One aspect of Bletchley Circle that is both frustrating and commendable, is its realistic portrayal of latent sexist attitudes that hampers police investigation and makes personal lives more encumbered. Good acting and production makes the series come alive. I recommend this and your book be included in women’s history teaching efforts.